Making a new website is a pain

So this week I made my new website. You can check it out here It’s got a bit more of a professional design and it was a little easier to customize with Wix so I threw it up there. Having said that, I don’t think Wix has the community that does so the T-Cast is not in any danger of being shut down.

Mondays will be the usual blog day and then if there’s a video worth uploading throughout I’ll throw it up not to mention the sound cloud to the new show (which is awesome)

T-Cast now in Technicolor

So the T-Cast as far as a podcast is concerned is currently dead for the moment. When I say dead think Death of Superman circa mid 90s dead… In its place we have the Oddly Entertaining Show which currently airs on Civl 101.7

It’s pretty much the same show with a Johnny K twist to spice things up. So what should I do with the “T-Cast” name? I still like the brand. I enjoy the community that’s been created around this little blogging site and even though I leave WordPress for a bit I always find myself coming back to this site.

Here’s the plan. I’m now going to make the T-Cast the name of my Vlog. You remember those Vlogs (or maybe you don’t because only like 30 people saw them.) It’s going to be an inside look at the show with possibly a little B-roll in it even!

And right now the show is pretty awesome. You can check it out on Soundcloud

On air.


11140015_578160530480_1578081055151998200_nSo you’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been… Maybe you haven’t no problem I respect it either way. Well it’s been a busy few weeks. The big news is the Oddly Entertaining Podcast is now the Oddly Entertaining Show that airs Wednesdays on CIVL from 10 to 11! I’m pretty excited about it. A live radio show is definitely a lot different than a pre recorded podcast. Live is not as forgiving however I find that because it is live there is a weird energy that allows me to perform better. Technically I’m still working out all of the details and it’s been a wild ride trying to get things sorted especially since the station is moving to a BAWLING NEW LOCATION.

The point is I’m sorry I haven’t been around to rant and ramble like I usually do. My WordPress family rocks and I’m hoping to continue the awesomeness soon. I’m also currently working on revamping my VLOG… but first I should probably clean up my room….



But that’s another blog post for another day… 

Rack ’em!

A pimped out podcast for the Pacific Northwest


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